What to Consider When Buying a Snow Blower

Are you considering buying a snowblower?

When looking to buy a snowblower there are a few things to consider.


This is a time when you get what you pay for. Consider how often you will use it, how much snow you will end up getting each year, and how much effort you would want to put into shoveling. You don’t want yours to break in the middle of the big storm. Some are better for small areas like on a deck or porch while some are better for the heavy snowfall on your driveway.

Gas Vs Electric

These days there is little difference between the two. Do you want to always make sure you have a gas can with extra gas stored away or make sure your batteries are fully charged? The power from some of these new electric snowblowers is just as strong as the gas. Electric is quieter so if you wanted to get out bright and early you can without making nearly as much noise as the gas-powered. Just do not make the mistake and get a corded one, the headache of managing the chord on a cold snowy day is not worth the cost savings if there are any. 

Single vs Dual Stage

Dual-stage blowers are much heavier and take up more storage space, but are more powerful and useful for tougher and bigger jobs. Single-stage blowers are smaller, lighter, and easier to maneuver, but are not powerful enough to tackle large snow removal jobs.

How wide?

How many times do you want to go up and down your driveway or even sidewalk? The 18” width may have a great price, but you may have to make a few more laps than a wider version. Now if you are wanting to clear off your deck then a 12” wide one might be all that you need. For those who like to clear off their driveway quickly and then go down their sidewalk the 26”+ width are the ones, you should consider.

Powered wheels vs Non-powered wheels

This is an easy thing to look past but one you may not want to miss. This comes down to ease of use and comfort. If you have a powered version you will be able to walk easily behind it, even on those heavy snowfalls. These will generally come with a dual-stage but always double-check. For light snowfall, the non-powered wheels are not a problem and the lighter machine can be easier to move around. 

Our Thoughts

In the end, if you are considering a snowblower and if you’re in Colorado, you definitely should. Look at what you can budget out and find one that will make your winter life easier. We recommend getting a dual-stage wide snowblower. If you can get an electric one like the Toro 26” 2-stage electric snow blower, then you will never have any problems and will easily take on any snowfall.

There are lots of options out there so find the one that best suits your needs.